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Transforming Shipping & Logistics

Built by shippers. Supported by supply chain logistics experts. Driven by technology.

Our Mission

Built by Shippers.

Shippabo is a cloud-based supply chain management platform built by a team of shippers and supported by supply chain logistics experts. Through Shippabo, businesses can oversee their supply chain from anywhere, at any time, and on their terms.

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Supported by supply chain logistics experts.

We’re a top shipping company of shippers, logistics consultants, and technologists who came together to create the change we always wanted to see in the industry. Since Shippabo was founded in 2015, we’ve built a technology platform based on our own lived experience. Shippabo makes shipping faster, more affordable, and more transparent — so companies can ship on their terms.

Driven by technology.

To empower everyone along the supply chain by bringing greater transparency, collaboration, and actionable data to the world of shipping and logistics.

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Our Founders

Nina Luu

Founder & CEO

Before founding Shippabo, Nina had experienced the frustrations of shipping first hand. So she set out to create the change she’d always wanted to see in the industry. Now, Nina leads a team of shippers, logistics experts, and technologists in empowering businesses to optimize their supply chains.

Sam Luu


Sam leverages his career in development to lead Shippabo’s team of technologists as they build the Shippabo platform — one that provides real-time marketplace pricing, enhanced visibility, and seamless communication across teams.


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