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Six Ways to Manage Demurrage and Detention for Importers

Here at Shippabo, we are proud to say that we have been able to successfully help importers reduce their overall freight spend by upwards of 10-15%.

What’s Inside?

If you're importing goods, you know how important it is to avoid costly demurrage and detention fees. But with so many factors out of your control, how can you protect your bottom line?

In this free playbook for importers, we'll share the top tips and tactics used by savvy businesses to save on import costs. You'll learn about:

  • The best way to centralize communications across your logistics network
  • Why container tracking is key when it comes to reducing detention
  • And much more!

Get your copy now and start saving on import costs today.

Playbook Demurrage and Detention (1)


Download the free playbook!

Benefits of Modern Freight Forwarding

  • Secure capacity online - request and plan for container space in advance to better manage your costs
  • Gain SKU-level visibility - know what products are coming and when so you can quickly build your sales strategy
  • Go paperless - manage every shipment online and lessen your carbon footprint
  • Centralize communications - one place to communicate with internal teams, suppliers, and external partners

A freight forwarding solution that puts you in control

Pre-book weeks in advance instead of days

Collaborate on documents securely on the cloud

Track SKU-level shipment locations in real-time

Simplify and automate business workflows

Improve purchasing forecast and efficiency

Lock-in costs and prevent unforeseen changes

07 - Predictability


Better and quicker supply chain visibility led us to save 10-15% in ocean cost and reduced the number of hours to send emails from four to two hours a day.

Kevin Boeck | Value Vinyls

Shippabo gave me space when my shipping contracts with the carriers refused to give me the space.

Ken Eschmann | Golf Gifts and Gallery

Shippabo saved me $500K in ocean shipping through their contracts during the 2020 shipping market rate soar."

Connie Tang | JR286