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Ship on Your Terms with Shippabo’s Supply Chain Management Software

Own your supply chain from end to end. With Shippabo, you’ll improve your supply chain’s visibility, intelligence, and connectedness to help you compete with the big companies.








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Heightened Visibility Into Your Supply Chain

Access every detail of your shipments with just a few clicks with Shippabo's supply chain management system.

Order Management

Make on-time delivery the norm by pre-booking shipments 30-45 days in advance and controlling your in distribution center date.

Customs Insights

Review shipment entries and release statuses, duties, and exams — all within Shippabo.

Shipment Tracking

See your shipment location in real time and track shipments by product ID, name or purchase order.

SKU Level Product Visibility

Forecast your inventory levels and product prices, thanks to visibility into SKU level costs of goods sold with duties and freight.

Automated Notifications

Avoid the wild goose chase every time you need an update with Shippabo’s automatic status emails and reporting.

Collaboration Across Your Operations Team

Bring everyone in your supply chain onto the same page using one unified supply chain management application.

Centralized Communication

Keep your team on the same page with in-shipment messaging.

Accessible Documents

Organize and share your documents easily across your team.

System Integrations

Centralize your shipping by connecting to systems you know and love, like Quickbooks, Sage, Netsuite, EDITrade, and more!

Shipment Templates

Keep processes consistent by sharing shipment templates with your team and suppliers.

Access to More Competitive Routes, Contracts and Pricing

Level the playing field with Shippabo’s open market pricing.

Contract Management

Save money with better contracts. Shop market rates, book shipments, and ensure contract rates are accurate when shipments arrive — all within one platform.

Marketplace Insights

Make informed decisions with instant quotes for routes, as well as straightforward rate and schedule comparisons across carriers and freight forwarders.

Route Planning

Optimize your shipment’s route and mode by in distribution center date.

Actionable Intelligence to Help You Optimize and Simplify

Operate in real time and make informed decisions, so you can steer your future in the right direction

Intuitive Reporting

Quickly generate reports tailored to the shipment views you need.


Inform future shipments with trends on shipment deliveries, inventory progress, SKU performance, and freight spend.

Inventory Optimization

Plan for the future with accurate inventory movements and costs.

Cashflow Visibility

Say good-bye to unwelcome surprises. You can rely on Shippabo’s transparent pricing, easy invoice auditing, and cash flow analysis.