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Save an average of $500/container

Lock in competitive rates and the dedicated container space your supply chain needs to excel, all year round. 

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Annual Fixed Rate Contract

It's no secret, if you're the 800 pound gorilla that is Walmart or Amazon, or even Nike and Coca-Cola, you can throw your weight around and negotiate a direct carrier contract and pay significantly less for your shipments.

Now, no matter your shipping volume, you can access the same cost advantages, price protection, and reliable capacity that comes along with a direct to carrier contract.

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Supply Chain Solutions That Move Your Business Forward

Optimize your supply chain with greater transparency, clarity, and simplicity - all with strategic support from our team of logistics experts.

Contract Management

  • Get instant quotes and benchmark your own tariffs through out marketplace.
  • Store your carrier contracts to enable bookings across your supply chain. 
  • Target the best spacing, pricing, and lanes with our forecast tools.

Order Management

  • Manage all your purchase orders in one place.
  • Pre-book 30-45 days in advance within our system
  • Easily control your in distribution center date.

Compliance Platform

  • Lean on our compliance team to set and uphold your compliance program.
  • Use a complete SKU-level product catalog to ensure HTS codes are accurate and accessible.
  • File ISF form, submit documentation, and buy Customs bonds from your account.

Supply Chain Consulting

  • Set up supply chain strategy that keeps you competitive, thanks to our team of analysts.
  • Analyze and optimize contracts with help from our pricing experts.
  • Navigate our network of suppliers, carriers, customers, and partners.

Vendor Management

  • Chat in realtime with your team or suppliers via our in-app messaging.
  • Get actionable notifications at crucial points in your supply chain.
  • Share templates seamlessly with suppliers.

What Clients Are Saying

Users of all types find Shippabo a uniquely powerful tool for streamlining their international freight logistics processes and driving more value from their supply chain

If I were to create something to check track of all my shipments, this would be exactly it.

Ben Kingery, Oxspring Paul

Shippabo’s industry resources and technology allowed us to grow our annual container imports by hundreds of TEUs. Shippabo is an invaluable partner in our continuing operations.

Nathanael Hartman, Flooret

Shippabo far exceeded our expectations. The customer service and the shipping has been outstanding.

Shawn Gueimunde, Dacasso

Shippabo follows right along with us. They meet our needs. They are always on top of it. I can honestly say I don’t have any complaints.

Leslie Shafer, InnoVage

They feel like a partner, like an extension of our team—not an outside vendor.


Shippabo was exactly what we needed to maximize efficiencies in our shipment processes. The platform is easy to use, and you can tell it’s been built by someone who understands the ins and outs of the industry.


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