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Shippabo is an importer’s one-stop supply chain solution

Shippabo is an importer’s one-stop supply chain solution


Unlock Potential Savings Per Container

Shippabo partners with many Trans-Pacific carriers to bring businesses the best rates available. Use our savings calculator to see how you can pay less.

Get predictable shipping costs with a Shippabo contract.

Get predictable shipping costs with a Shippabo contract.


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Built by shippers. Supported by supply chain logistics experts. Driven by technology.

Why Shippabo?

We're flexible.

We understand how valuable your supply chain partners are. That's why we want to integrate our supply chain optimization software with your network to provide shipment visibility and communications for your whole team.

Shipper Collaboration-1-1

The only all-in-one shipment platform you’ll ever need

Bring your network and team, and see how Shippabo’s supply chain optimization software and global logistics services can work for you.  No more manually sharing spreadsheets or chasing people down for information. One platform, one source of all your shipping data.

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Shipper Collaboration
Book in advance

Pre-book shipments 30-60 days in advance and save on additional booking fees.

 Why try your luck on the spot market when you could have your availability settled?

You can now access the same cost advantages, price protection, and reliable capacity alongside a carrier that leverages modern technology to aggregate volume and efficiently allocate capacity with our global logistics services.

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Book shipments and ensure contract rates are accurate when shipments arrive — all within one platform.

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Centralized Communications

See collaboration in action

Set your team up for success by consolidating your partners onto one platform. Easily centralize your work flows, and stay connected with your network and Shippabo's Global Logistics Service Team. 

"Shippabo got me space when my shipping contracts with the carriers refused to give me the space.”

Ken Eschmann | Golf Gifts and Gallery

“The first thing I noticed from using Shippabo’s platform was that it made connecting with our factories easier.”

Connie Tang | Jr286

“Better and quicker supply chain visibility led us to save 10-15% in ocean cost and reduced the number of hours to send emails from four to two hours a day.”

Kevin Boeck | Value Vinyls

200+ CUSTOMERS rely on shippabo
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