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What Household Items Are Considered Dangerous Goods or Hazmat?

Certain common household items might be considered dangerous goods and will require extra handling when part of a supply chain. 

Household Items Considered Dangerous Goods or Hazmat

  1. Batteries
  2. Paints, solvents and paint thinners
  3. Aerosols, perfumes, some deodorants
  4. Gases in the form of pressurised cylinders like portable camping stoves
  5. Compressed air canisters like oxygen tanks
  6. Corrosive substances like caustic soda and bleaches, dry ice for use as a coolant
  7. Firelighters, matches, cigarette lighters
  8. Air bag units for vehicles, emergency flares, self-inflating life jackets and rafts, certain magnetised materials
  9. Cell phones and other devices with rechargeable lithium batteries
  10. Fire extinguishers
  11.  Pesticides, insecticides, fertilizers
  12. Dry cleaning solvents
  13. De-icers
  14. Glass cleaners
  15. Adhesives, glues

But remember: the rules vary based on your shipping method (by air, ocean, or road). On ocean transport shipments, dangerous goods handling is regulated by International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code (IMDG). Dangerous goods handling for air shipments is handled according to IATA's Dangerous Goods Regulations (DGR). Road shipments will vary based on the country, where the United States is governed by the DOT's CFR 49.

With all this said, this guide an overview and not comprehensive. If you suspect the product to be shipped to be considered DG, please inform your Shippabo success manager. We’re here to help you ensure your shipment is compliant and safe. 

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