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Things to Remember When Importing Livestock & Animal Products

Correctly importing livestock or animal products to the U.S.

This section will detail the import policies for livestock or livestock animal products. To import livestock or livestock animal products, you need a permit from the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service prior to shipping from the country of origin.

Obtaining Permits From the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service

You need a permit from The Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service for the following cases: 

  1. Ruminants (cloven-hoofed animals) such as cattle, sheep, deer, antelope, camels, or giraffes; 
  2. Swine, including all varieties of wild hogs and meat from these animals; 
  3. Horses, asses, mules, and zebras; 
  4. Animal byproducts such as wool, hair, fur, bones, untanned hides, bone meal, blood meal, animal casings, glands, organs, or secretions of swine and ruminants if used for food, drug, or cosmetic purposes; 
  5. Animal germ-plasm, including embryos and semen; 
  6. Straw and hay. 

Things to Remember When Importing Animals & Animal Products

Livestock and poultry are only allowed to be imported into specific ports designated as quarantine stations. Doing so helps prevent any diseases or non-native bacteria into the country. 

These designations can all be found in Title 9 of the Code of Federal Regulations, Part 93 (9 CFR Part 93). Any animals or animal products coming from Mexico or Canada for certain purposes such as slaughter or exhibition might have fewer requirements than animals from other countries. All animal imports must be accompanied by a health certificate as well.

For more information please contact the U.S. Department of Agriculture (AHPIS) at (301) 851-3300, (301) 734-3277, or (301) 734-8364. 

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