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Watch the Shippabo Demo

See how we help brands with:

  • Efficient freight forwarding
  • Predictable shipping costs
  • Real-time visibility on shipments down to the SKU
  • Centralized communication across the supply chain network
  • Automated and customizable shipment reports

You will receive the demo link via email and gain immediate access to our platform demo video. A Shippabo supply chain expert will reach out to answer any questions specific to your business needs. We look forward to helping you optimize your supply chain management.

Bonita Fowler

Bonita Fowlersmith
Onboarding Specialist, Shippabo


This demo video will cover:

  • Visibility: always know where your products are, down to SKU-level
  • Communication: bring your own network and team, and keep organized using the app
  • Documentation: Keep up-to-date with all your important supply chain documents using Shippabo
  • Predictability: Plan ahead working with our ops team and using the platform
  • Reporting: Use Shippabo’s dashboards to keep track of all your supply chain activity, and schedule reports for your team

What Brands Are Saying

Join the most predictable supply chain solution trusted by merchants just like you.

"Better and quicker supply chain visibility led us to save 10-15% in ocean cost and reduced the number of hours to send emails from four to two hours a day."

Kevin Boeck Value Vinyls

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"Shippabo gave me space when my shipping contracts with the carriers refused to give me the space."

Ken Eschmann Golf Gifts and Gallery

"Shippabo saved me $500K in ocean shipping through their contracts during the 2020 shipping market rate soar."

Connie Tang JR286