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Whitepaper: 7 Ways to Optimize Shipments

Whitepaper: 7 Ways to Optimize Shipments

How to change your approach and develop a resilient supply network for the future.


Modernize your supply chain

  • Secure capacity online - request and plan for container space in advance to better manage your costs
  • Gain SKU-level visibility - know what products are coming and when so you can quickly build your sales strategy
  • Go paperless - manage every shipment online and lessen your carbon footprint
  • Centralize communications - one place to communicate with internal teams, suppliers, and external partners


A supply chain management solution that puts you in control

Pre-book weeks in advance instead of days

Collaborate on documents securely on the cloud

Track SKU-level shipment locations in real-time

Simplify and automate business workflows

Improve purchasing forecast and efficiency

Lock-in costs and precent unforeseen changes

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What Our Importers Are Saying

Better and quicker supply chain visibility led us to save 10-15% in ocean cost and reduced the number of hours to send emails from four to two hours a day.

Kevin Boeck | Value Vinyls

Shippabo gave me space when my shipping contracts with the carriers refused to give me the space.

Ken Eschmann | Golf Gifts and Gallery

Shippabo saved me $500K in ocean shipping through their contracts during the 2020 shipping market rate soar."

Connie Tang | JR286