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How Value Vinyls brought disconnected and manual processes into streamlined success with Shippabo












"Everything in our world is moving forward, and I was looking for a growing company pushing the envelope on the antiquated ocean freight market. After spending five years in the international logistics world, I learned how far behind [many freight forwarders] are in this regard.”  

- Kevin Boeck, Value Vinyls Logistics Manager  


Shippabo’s solution gave Value Vinyls insight and clarity into their supply chain previously bogged down by manual processes.


About Value Vinyls  

Value Vinyls is a wholesale supplier of industrial textiles, selling primarily to manufacturers of end products as well as regional distributors. Since 1984, Value Vinyls has proven that its motto of “Excellence. Always.” applies to many areas of its business - from customer service to production. Its best-in-class offerings have successfully and competitively positioned themselves within the market. 


Global Reach, Limited Line of Sight and Control

With Value Vinyls' interconnected supply chain, one of the significant challenges was excessive email traffic and limited booking visibility due to limited platform services. In helping Value Vinyls overcome its unique challenges, we focused on reducing the number of processes and streamlining the essential ones, allowing their employees to do what they do best: running their business.


Kevin Boeck, Logistics Manager, shares further insight: “Our process before using Shippabo was very manual: emailed communication every two weeks for pricing and physical data storage lookup. All of this cost my department valuable time. Streamlining our responses has been a huge success. This helps keep me sane! Shippabo’s platform has reduced the number of hours to send emails from four to two hours a day. I also love the communication features and the flexibility of being able to use email or the platform.”


All these operational challenges were compounded by relying on conventional freight forwarders who could not communicate efficiently and clearly. 

To gain control of its supply chain, Value Vinyls needed:

  • A stable shipping contract that ensured guaranteed capacity
  • A single platform that unified their global shipping activity and communications
  • A freight forwarding company that was an extension of their team and prioritized their customer service  


Wins with Shippabo

While we cannot help Value Vinyls manufacture textiles, we can integrate with their current logistics processes to give them better control over how, when, and where they ship. The biggest win we celebrate with Value Vinyls is the savings they obtained by working with Shippabo: “Since using Shippabo, we have been able to step back and take a bigger look at our supply chain and make some better decisions. These decisions due to better and quicker visibility led us to save 10-15% in ocean cost.”


Beyond the Savings

In addition to significant savings, Shippabo’s all-in-one platform allows Value Vinyls to centralize their purchasing and logistics conversations. Instead of playing a game of tag to chase down the information they needed, with Shippabo, it’s right at their fingertips.


The highest compliment, however, that Value Vinyls paid Shippabo is to our unsung heroes in our Operations Team. “After 20+ shipments, I am blown away by the customer service and dedication to my account. Shippabo is a forwardthinking ocean partner. They utilize technology where it counts, and they do not replace areas that require common sense. This combination is a hard one to achieve as some freight forwarders want to focus on having as many customers as possible versus having the best customers/relationships. I would recommend the technology, customer service, and honesty of Shippabo.” Our team is one of the most significant assets that sets us apart and grants us industry-staying power - we have made it a priority to be excellent to do business with.


Ready to Win With Better Visibility?

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Why Shippabo?

Because your business needs:

  • An easier way to track and manage your shipments and inventory.
  • Enterprise-class workflow platform
  • The most advanced predictive analytics to mitigate risks so you can get products to where they need to be
  • A quick-to-set-up user-friendly platform that serves your team with a customized dashboard, trustworthy tracking and precise reporting

Learn how Shippabo can help you

  • Reduce logistics costs by more than 20%
  • Give your team member back 20+ hours per month
  • Improve inventory visibility