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Global interactive flat panel display provider saved $150K with Shippabo’s freight 












"We saved over $150,000 by switching to Shippabo through an annual fixed rate contract. Given how volatile the freight market was during the beginning of the pandemic, I knew we had to get Optoma on an annual fixed rate contract. Shippabo was there to help every step of the way. It was the only way I knew we could control our cost and increase savings. Shippabo made the contract negotiation process super easy and transparent.”

- Stephanie Lo, Optoma Head of Logistics  


Shippabo also allowed Optoma Technology to organize data in a way that best suits the needs of their entire team. The platform provided everyone a central source of truth and clear understanding of shipment details in real-time.


About Optoma Technology, Inc.

Headquartered in the U.S., Optoma Technology is the global technology wing of Optoma Group and specializes in creating innovative visual display products. Creating cutting-edge technology – such as ProScene projectors and Creative Touch Interactive Flat Panel displays – Optoma’s wide range of products provide amazing viewing experiences for their audiences.


From No Platform to Complete Shipment Visibility

Optoma Technology never had a platform to work with prior to selecting Shippabo as their freight forwarding and technology partner. Overseas agents managed the company’s bookings. During the pandemic, the company struggled with skyrocketing rates. They needed a freight forwarding partner that can offer not only competitive pricing, but also a way to easily track and share shipment information in one central location. Another major challenge was their internal manual processes. These can cause confusion and delays, especially when the business has partners that rely on real-time updates.


The company needed:

  • Competitive rates in an uncertain market condition
  • A centralized communications platform for both internal teams and overseas partners
  • The ability to organize shipment details based on specific user needs
  • Automation for various manual tasks so that they can focus on growing their business

Wins with Shippabo

Stephaine Lo, Head of Logistics, shared her thoughts on how Shippabo impacted the business: “Shippabo has allowed me to minimize and streamline several processes. This means my time can be spent on other items instead of just mundane, monotonous tasks. All these with very good pricing and passing along savings to us when available.”  


She adds, “In addition to the savings through the freight rates, we were able to optimize operations and help the company’s bottom line during those turbulent times. We've cut our manual processes in half because the platform offers a lot of automation in managing our shipments to where I don't need to worry about making bookings.”


Optoma also raved about the quoting and communication features of the Shippabo platform. They are happy with the flexibility of being able to use email or the platform. In addition, the shipments page allowed them to see all current and open shipments at a glance— organized both chronologically or by a personal, customized nickname given to each shipment. Since using Shippabo, Optoma has been able to step back and take a bigger look at their supply chain and make better decisions. Their overseas team uses the Shippabo platform for maximum visibility from start to finish, with everyone on the same page.


More Than Just Freight Forwarding  With Shippabo, Optoma Technology is able to take advantage of long-term savings, in any market condition, through our competitive rates and platform.  Being able to communicate and access shipment information with their suppliers and other supply chain partners is key to focusing on matters that will help the business grow.  


We are able to make shipping and logistics easier by allowing importers to:

  • Secure capacity online - request and plan for container space in advance to better manage costs
  • Gain SKU-level visibility - know what products are coming and when to quickly build a sales strategy
  • Go paperless - manage every shipment online and lessen carbon footprint
  • Centralize communications - one place to communicate with internal teams, suppliers, and external partners


Just like other Shippabo customers, Optoma has found that laying the right infrastructure to pre-plan bookings, centralize communications and automate processes helps deliver a better experience across employees and supply chain partners. In addition, having an organized platform for shipment data gave them all the right reporting required to manage the business and identify ways to reduce their cost to market.


Ready to Win With Better Visibility?

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Why Shippabo?

Because your business needs:

  • An easier way to track and manage your shipments and inventory.
  • Enterprise-class workflow platform
  • The most advanced predictive analytics to mitigate risks so you can get products to where they need to be
  • A quick-to-set-up user-friendly platform that serves your team with a customized dashboard, trustworthy tracking and precise reporting

Learn how Shippabo can help you

  • Reduce logistics costs by more than 20%
  • Give your team member back 20+ hours per month
  • Improve inventory visibility