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Global Nike Licensed Sporting goods Leader ENI-JR286 Cut Costs by 30% & Ensured Inventory with Better Forecasting










Products for the Toughest Athletes

Not only one of the largest Nike-licensed manufacturers in the U.S., JR286 is also a global leader in sports equipment and accessories. Established in 1989, the sporting goods giant specializes in the design, development, manufacturing and distribution of athletic products. They’re a proud licensee of top sporting goods brands like Nike and Air Jordan.
The company is on target to hit $1 billion in global sales to more than 2,500 retailers in 150 countries from 65 sales offices. With licensed brands tied to winning sports teams, JR286 is under a lot of pressure to deliver quickly and accurately to new and existing retail clients. 
Shippabo gave them the powerful tracking, streamlined delivery and automated reports that were critical to the successful delivery of more than 150 million products to their retail partners.

JR286 Case Study image 1

Global Reach, Limited Line of Sight and Control

JR286’s supply chain spans the globe, and its manufacturing partners ship to wholesale clients, brand headquarters, and independent distributors. Managing such a complex web of interlocking partners and shipments became too overwhelming to control effectively.
This problem also hindered the JR286 sales team from being able to sell products proactively, as they had to wait for inventory to be logged into a local warehouse. The company’s most urgent need was better cross-function and cross-division visibility across their supply chain – something they weren’t getting from their network of conventional freight forwarders.

To gain control and avoid chaos, JR286 needed:

  • A centralized platform to deliver a single point of truth and synchronize booking, conversations, visibility and shipment tracking across teams.
  • A better way to book freight and optimize shipments.
  • Product-level reporting and analytics to empower sales growth and improve inventory turnover.JR286 Case Study image 3

Wins with Shippabo: The Technology to Manage a Global Supply Chain

Shippabo’s platform and expertise was a huge win for JR286. Moving cargo across and between continents became much easier with Shippabo’s powerful ability to track any shipment (whether from Shippabo or another forwarder). This clear view of their inventory production chain and exact shipment status helped both their logistics and sales teams work more efficiently.
JR286 also enjoyed an optimized freight procurement strategy, courtesy of Shippabo, that helped them reduce demurrage and detention fees. This alone saved the company more than 30%.

Beyond the Savings

In addition to significant savings, Shippabo’s all-in-one platform helps JR286 understand what inventory is available to sell so they can accelerate their order-to-cash cycle. Shippabo’s automated workflows allowed JR286 to expand production to multiple countries without additional FTE to manage.
JR286 Case Study image 2And Shippabo’s automated reports delivered actionable insights across the JR286 organization – without the need to deploy an army of business analysts, invest in expensive systems or build costly data integrations. With these analytics, everyone from the sales team to logistics managers had the information they needed to enable growth and effectively manage the whole supply chain from factory to retail partner. 
Centralizing purchasing and logistics conversations offered another surprise to JR286: more than 800 hours saved every year instead of playing email and phone tag to get the information they needed. 
With Shippabo, all of the critical logistics and inventory data JR286 relies on to stay at the top of their game is right at their fingertips.


Ready to Win With Better Visibility?

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Why Shippabo?

Because your business needs:

  • An easier way to track and manage your shipments and inventory.
  • Enterprise-class workflow platform
  • The most advanced predictive analytics to mitigate risks so you can get products to where they need to be.
  • A quick-to-set-up user-friendly platform that serves your team with a customized dashboard, trustworthy tracking and precise reporting.

Learn how Shippabo can help you

  • Reduce logistics costs by more than 20%
  • Give your team member back 20+ hours per month
  • Improve inventory visibility