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Shippabo is an importer’s one-stop supply chain solution

Shippabo is an importer’s one-stop supply chain solution


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Logistics Knowledge

      1 min read.

      How to Avoid a Shipwreck: Nina Luu Speaking on 2019 Shipping trends

      How to Avoid a Shipwreck
      1 min read.

      Building A Diverse Team: Shippabo CEO, Nina Luu, chats with Joanne Wilson of the Gotham Gal podcast

      9 min read.

      JOC: Tech startups' differing funding paths hold risks, gains for BCOs

      The persistent debate in the world of technology startups about the merits of fundraising versus...
      2 min read.

      Supply Chain Dive: Latin America: The next frontier in warehousing?

      A booming e-commerce market is attracting warehouses, but politics and infrastructure pose...
      2 min read.

      Freightwaves: Shippabo helps set supply chains in order through a cloud-based management platform

      For businesses selling online, navigating the e-commerce supply chain could be a real showstopper,...
      4 min read.

      JOC: Tracking incoming TEU called key to finding portside US trucks

      The search for truck capacity should start not on the highway but at sea, says Nina Luu, a former...
      2 min read.

      Global Trade Magazine: Aligning All Shipping Contracts in One Place

      Shippabo has announced a new feature in time for contract season which allows for Shipment Ease and...
      1 min read.

      Wall Street Journal: E-Commerce Spurs Push for Speedier Shipping Payments

      New software aims at streamlining systems, auditing to keep up with faster pace of goods movement.
      2 min read.

      Freightwaves: Comprehensive international supply chain visibility solutions

      According to the 2107 Supply Chain Worldwide survey by Geodis, achieving supply chain visibility...
      2 min read.

      Forbes: How Grit, Bootstrapping And Entrepreneurial Vision Combine To Disrupt A Stagnant Industry

       Nina Luu had a successful business importing textiles and selling them to companies such as...